Ricky enjoys trampling!

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Trampling mistress(es): Ricky

Ricky is up for trampling him to have some fun. If she would take off her shoes for that?! Of course not, no!!! Hot girl Ricky steps on his naked chest with her high pumps and then jams her sharp heels into his flesh. The louder he screams, the stronger she tramples on him. But when she throws her shoe on his mouth, he can't scream anymore. So she walks on his head and his breast in turn. For he's such a little gnome, he seems to hang on well under Ricky's feet. She quickly takes off her shoes to trample him with bare feet, and in addition to that it's kind of easier to jump on him without shoes. Wonder if this little pervert is pleased about his torture?! Anyway, Ricky is!

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