Hard trampling by Jana

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Trampling mistress(es): Jana

Jana H. will beat this little arsehole up today - she prepared a special surprise for him therefore! She wants to trample and walk all over his body. And she wants it the hard way! She intends to torture him mercilessly. Jana will trample him with ALL of these shoes. First she tries on her sharp, red laquer pumps. The sharp-edged heels are kind of made for getting piled into this sissy! The more inconvenient he feels, the more fun it is for Jana H. to torture him. He gets insulted nonstop, while getting scratched by her sharp heels. A little loser prick like him didn't even deserve to get a better treatment! But even after Jana finished torturing him with all of her shoes, she doesn't stop. She continues without shoes and tramples on his chest very hard. Then she steps on his head with both feet, so he has to carry her full weight with it. Wonder if she'll ever quit?

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