Girlfriends Janine and Elaina trample together

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Trampling mistress(es): Janine & Elaina

Janine and Elaina never trampled a guy before, but today they're going to try it. The girls may look cute - but they're not going easy on their human carpet! They both step on his naked chest wearing high heels and dig their sharp heels into his skin. They try out different positions and trample the slave completely from his groin up to his head. Of course he's struggling under the combined weight of these sexy girls - but he isn't allowed to complain! Janine and Elaina get rid of their high heels after a while, but continue to trample him under their bare feet right away. Now the girls are feeling even more comfortable and even try jumping all over him. They not only step all over his body - they also love to rub their sweaty foot soles all over his face to humiliate him!

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